About Lola Rose Jewellery

lola rose jewellery

Lola Rose is a range of jewellery that was created by fasion designer Nicola Gewirtz in 2000. Over the past decade, Lola Rose jewellery has become extremely popular and is known for its bold designs and vibrant colours. The range includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings, all created from semi precious stones. Lola Rose jewellery is very affordable for such a fasionable range. It appeals to people of all ages and is often worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry.

Lola Rose Necklace Range

lola rose necklace

Lola Rose Necklaces are made from semi precious stones and typically have large (often heart-shaped) pendants. These are known as the madison heart necklaces and are popular in pink or made from Black Agate. The Pebble Necklaces and Bead Necklaces are also very popular and are made using characteristically large and bold stones.

Lola Rose Bracelet Styles

lola rose bracelet

A lola Rose Bracelet is usually far from subtle. They are large bracelets with bold and vibrant colours. The Pyramid Bangle, Chunky Nugget bracelet and Large Heart bracelet are among the largest in the range, while the Daisy Chain and Pebble charm bracelets use smaller stones and have a more delicate appearance.

Lola Rose Rings

lola rose ring

Lola Rose rings are all made with a single large stone. They are Cabochon rings in circular or square shapes and are available in many different colours and with different semi-precious stones. The following stones have been used to make Lola Rose rings: Ivory Stone, Eye Stone, Black Agate, Sky Quartze and Quartzite in Tomato Red, Violet, Plum and Berry colours.